Cremated Remains Kit 1

Cremated Remains Kit 1

1 box, Priority Mail Express Tape

Size: 14-3/4"(L) x 10-1/4"(W) x 10"(H)


Issue Date: 9/1/2019

This free Cremated Remains Kit contains one Priority Mail Express Box and a roll of Priority Mail Express tape.

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  • This free Cremated Remains Kit contains one Priority Mail Express Box and a roll of Priority Mail Express tape. Guidelines for packaging, addressing, and shipping cremated remains can be found in the Publication 139, How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains and on

    Since Priority Mail Express is the only way for a person or organization to ship cremated remains, the Postal Service has created a Cremated Remains Kit to make it easier for customers to ship the cremated remains of a loved one or pet safely and securely from one destination to another. This kit is free, and each box is printed with the words “Cremated Remains” in a bright color, to increase visibility. The box is reinforced and sturdy, which ensures the safety and security of the irreplaceable package contents. All of the necessary packaging materials are included in the kit, providing peace of mind that the remains are safe during processing and handling.

    The kit contains:
    - 1 Priority Mail Express Cremated Remains box
    - 1 Roll of Priority Mail Express Tape: 1-7/8” x 22’

    Each Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipment includes USPS Tracking®.

    Made in the USA.

    SKUs featured on this page: BOX_CREKIT1

  • Outside Dimensions - measurements of the outside of the container
    14-3/4"(L) x 10-1/4"(W) x 10"(H)

    Inside Dimensions - measurements of the inside of the container
    14-1/2"(L) x 10"(W) x 9-1/2"(H)

    Girth - measurement of the distance around the container (i.e. the circumference)

    Outer Dimensional Volume - measurements indicating the volume of the container in cubic inches
    1,512 cubic inches

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