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Made of Hearts Forever® Stamp

The newest stamp in the Love series features lines of hearts in pink and red.

Expressions of friendship, romance, encouragement, or just to say “I’m thinking of you”—these new stamps from the U.S. Postal Service will deliver your message in style.

The art for this latest stamp in the Love series features horizontal rows of red and pink hearts on a white background. Toward the center, red hearts in varying sizes replace pink hearts in a formation that creates one large red heart, the focal point of this graphic design.

The connection between sentiment and the heart symbol is at least as old as the ancient Greeks. They used images of ivy, grape, and fig leaves—all shaped like the heart—in art and on pottery to symbolize abiding love. Use of the heart as an expression of romantic constancy might date to the concept of courtly love that was the fashion in the Middle Ages.

Today, the heart is used to signify more than romantic or eternal love. Hearts feature in many slogans that denote a love of place and in the logo designs of many businesses and organizations. A favorite motif in art, hearts are also design elements frequently found on furniture, jewelry, textiles, shoes, or clothing. The heart is universally understood to symbolize devotion, affection, and love.

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