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Frogs Forever® Stamps

Four delightful North American Frogs are featured on the Frogs Forever® Stamps.

Numbering more than 4,000 species, frogs live on every continent except Antarctica. Of those thousands, more than 90 species are found in the United States.

Digital illustrations of four North American frogs grace these new stamps: the Pacific tree frog, the northern leopard frog, the American green tree frog, and the squirrel tree frog. Working with a primarily green color palette, the artist captured the essence of each animal with enough important defining features to make each recognizable. The subtle changes to the many green tones—with minimal details including spots, underbelly, and toes in shades of brown—accentuate the differences among the four frogs.

Found throughout the western United States, the Pacific tree frog or Pacific chorus frog (Pseudacris regilla) grows no larger than two inches in length and may be one of the world’s most widely heard frogs. Nicknamed the “Hollywood frog,” its calls—rib-bit, rib-bit—have been recorded for use as background noise for nighttime scenes in countless television shows and movies, even those set far from the frog’s actual range.

Growing to an adult size of between two and five inches in length, the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens) can be found across the northern United States and as far south as New Mexico. Varying in color from green to tan with a light underbelly and light borders that sometimes appear around its spots, this frog is most commonly identified by its highly distinctive call, a rattle-like snoring noise that can last three seconds or longer, followed by several notes described as “chuckling” or “clucking.”

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