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Tyrannosaurus Rex Forever® Stamps

These 4 new T. rex stamps feature images of this mighty dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus rex dominated the tail end of the dinosaur age. A recent surge in discoveries has revolutionized our understanding of the fierce carnivore. With this pane of 16 stamps in four designs, the U.S. Postal Service® brings the latest findings to light.

Some 66 million years after its demise, two of the stamp designs vividly portray “the Nation’s T. rex.” One illustrates a face-to-face encounter with the fierce carnivore as it approaches through a forest clearing; another shows the same young adult in its fossil form, posed with the skeleton of a juvenile Triceratops. The other two stamps depict a newly hatched T. rex covered with downy feathers and a bare-skinned juvenile chasing a primitive mammal.

At the bottom-left or -right of each stamp, the term “T. rex” is printed in bold white italics. Reading vertically upwards, “Forever USA” appears at top-left or -right, in smaller capitalized type, also in white.

Due to its ferocity and immensity, T. rex lives on in the imagination like no other dinosaur. With powerful jaws packed in its four-foot-long skull and banana-sized teeth serrated like steak knives, T. rex could bite easily through the flesh and hefty bones of even large dinosaur prey. Its full-grown weight was six to ten tons. Its maximum length was about 40 feet.

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