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    Neon Celebrate!

    Forever 49¢ | 3 Stamp Formats

    Good times call for good wishes, and the U.S. Postal Service gets in on the act with the Neon Celebrate! Forever® stamp, first issued in 2011, and reissued in 2015. Bringing an extra wish for happiness to anyone celebrating a special time, this stamp features a brilliantly colored design crafted out of neon and glass that adds a spark to greeting cards, invitations, and gift-bearing envelopes and packages. No matter the occasion-birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, new job, retirement-this stamp will add another congratulatory wish to the good times being acknowledged.

    Since the early 20th century, designers have made use of the fact that neon, argon, and a few other gases, glow when an electrical charge passes through them. In 1910, French scientist Georges Claude (1870-1960) first presented the neon lamp to the public in Paris. During the 1920s, neon signs became a popular form of advertising in the United States after the Packard Motor Car dealership in Los Angeles displayed the first documented neon commercial sign in the country.

    Today, in addition to creating signage, artists work with neon as an expressive medium, filling and shaping glass tubes into an infinite variety of colorful images for exhibit.

    The Neon Celebrate! stamp is being issued as a Forever® stamp in self-adhesive sheets of 20, blocks of 10, and blocks of 4.

    This Forever® stamp will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® one-ounce price.

    Blocks of stamps: Requests for more than 5 blocks per item may not be pre-packaged, and may be converted to full sheets or rolls. Custom orders for more than 5 pre-packaged blocks may be requested by calling 1 800 STAMP-24 (1 800 782-6724): Custom order fees will apply.

    Made in the USA

    Issue Date: September 9, 2015

    SKUs featured on this page: 586204, 586203, 586202

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    Issue Date:
    September 09, 2015
    Art Director/Designer:
    Michael Flechtner

    USD $1.96 - $9.80 9.8